“I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in The Wedding Boutique with one of my best friends, selecting her perfect wedding dress and the magic moment of seeing her in it for the first time. The ladies in the boutique couldn’t have been more welcoming; nothing was too much trouble or too much to ask of them. They were very helpful with the bride, from getting in and out of dresses and shoes to offering advice on styles and materials. They were also incredibly kind to me and a fellow bridesmaid as we sat patiently and excitedly awaiting each dress to be tried on by the bride and supplied us with lovely tea and biscuits.

I cannot compliment this lovely boutique and the marvellous ladies there enough. We stepped out having found the perfect and most beautiful wedding dress that is all bought and ready for the big day and a very happy bride-to-be…our biggest mission was accomplished!

Thank you, Helena and Wendy, for your all your help and enthusiasm and for being a part of our excitement – you made our day very memorable!”